ATTENTION SMALL SAILBOAT FANS! Yahoo has apparently sold out to Amazon and is closing it's small boat forums in December, 2019. This site has a library of small sailboats with information on a number of them. I can sometimes post more information such as manuals, history etc. A forum with mail exchange is out of my expertise, however!

Boats have always fascinated me and now that I am retired, I enjoy working on small boats and sailing them. I describe boats I have owned or still have on this site, some 4 sale and others 2 sail. Other boat pictures and information were gleaned from the Internet and included to expand the library.

CAPTAIN MARVIN CREAMER was the only person in all of world history who circumnavigated the globe by sailboat without using any navigational instruments.  I made a website of his accomplishment in 2003 and transferred it to Rowan University in March, 2013. About three years later, the website  mysteriously vanished from the web, so I posted a new site to keep Creamer's important historical accomplishment before the public and as a memorial to this great man and friend. . Here is the link:

I was saddened to learn that Captain Creamer completed his earthly voyage on August 12, 2020 at the ripe age of 104. I had a special personal interest in Creamer. Marvin worked two years as a carpenter for my grandfather and was a close friend of my father's cousin, Dr. Ralph VanMeter, after whom I was named.


Boats and projects that I am selling.

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If you are interested in a boat or would like to sell a small sailboat on this site (free!), call me at (856) 694-5684 or send an email to .


I love to sail and can tell some interesting stories about my experiences with these boats. I will never get bored sailing, not even in doldrums. I don't venture that far from shore and the boats I sail can be rowed or paddled if necessary!


The Radisson and Old Town canoes are sold, but we still have a Coleman to paddle on a nearby lake.

We enter our Roadmaster "Woodies" (Junior and Senior!) pulling a sailboat in local parades. At Christmas time one of my boats gets placed on our front lawn and decorated. The photo below is from 2010. For more Christmas decorations click here.

If you enjoy small sailboats or canoes, you should find something of interest here. If you are in the market for a used sailboat, a canoe, trailer or a small boat item, you may find it here. If you have a small boat or trailer to sell, I would be happy to post it for you free of charge, provided it is located in the Delaware Valley region. When I registered this domain in 2004, I never dreamed that it would someday be popular, but the site now gets over 1000 visitors per day! I get email and phone calls from all over the globe, but I don't accept paid advertising. So enjoy your visit! 

Document Downloads:
Hull Identification Numbers
Spammer Response (Word Document)
Sail Sizes for sailboats I have owned (Excel Spreadsheet)
My tips for painting small sailboats
My tips for repairing small fiberglass boats
Learn about frostbiting - sailing in winter, the ultimate extreme sport!