Alcort recognized the need for a smaller version of the Sunfish that is easier to cartop and better suited for children. It has a thinner hull, similar to the Sailfish, but a foot shorter. The sail is also smaller in area, but it sails great. Friends gave me this boat, built in 1982, HIN # AMF00568M82H. It needed TLC, dagger and rudder, but the hull was sound. The first six photos were taken right after I got the boat and gave it a power washing.

The old sail has seen better days, so I bought a new one and painted the hull to match. I also found a dagger, rudder and tiller and refinished them.

At first I made a dashboard of vinyl adhesive foil with wood grain. It looked nice but wrinkled in the sun, so I took it off and painted it similar to the original decal.

I made a special trailer so I could pull it in the Memorial Day Parade.

I sold the little Hawaiian "Root Beer Float" on eBay for $670