Two years ago, I was driving to Stone Harbor, NJ to see the power-boat races, the famous Jersey Skiffs in particular...

On the way there, I spotted a mast and sail leaning against a fence. I hit the brake and asked at the house if it was for sale and a lady said that she just wanted to find a good home for a HiFly windsurfer. I loaded everything but the board in our Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon and would have put the board on the roof rack, but, it was lying on the ceiling joists of a shed and could only be removed by taking out a joist. I offered to do the job and put it back like it was, but the lady didn't trust me. She said a friend would do it and she would call when the board was available. She didn't call and when I tried to reach her the phone was out of service. I had half a windsurfer for two years!


We lived in Europe for almost four decades and windsurfing is big over there. A good friend was CEO of the company that manufactured F2 windsurfers, so when I spotted an ad for an F2 only 15 miles from our home, I bought it. Every "woodie" should have a surfer on top!

In addition to an intact F2 "Lightning" windsurfer, a carbon fiber mast and rigging, there were two sails (6 and 7 m) in great condition.

Watch this YouTube video of a F2 Lightning windsurfer near Seattle in just 15 mph wind!

I decided that I am too old to try windsurfing, so I sold the F2 windsurfer complete with 3 sails, mast and rigging.