AMF Force5 14'

This boat was a hot seller for a while and about 12,000 Force5 sailboats are still in service. Many compared it to the Laser, even calling it a Laser clone, but this is an unfair comparison. Both  boats were designed with a specific purpose. The Laser was designed by the prolific boat designer, Bruce Kirby as a solo sailor, but the Force5 was designed for two persons. It was first sold by AMF, along with Sunfish, Minifish, Hilu, Puffer and several other boats. The Force5 had a good following and owners are very happy with their performance.

A good friend inherited this nice Force5 from his uncle and it has always been stored indoors unless it was sailing. I was helping my friend load his belongings onto a rental truck in preparations for moving from New Jersey to Montana. He pointed to his boat and said, "I can't take that with me. Could you sell it for me? I'll give you a commission." I said, "I have sold many boats for strangers and never taken a commission. I can't accept a commission from you!

This boat is super clean and ready to sail. The HIN is AMF13091M74D which means the boat was built in November, 1974 by AMF and the serial number is 13091.

As can be seen, it rained briefly before I took these pictures

The mast is like new and in three sections for easy transport

The sleeve type sail was professionally repaired near the top but is in good condition

The boat was soon sold to someone on Long Island.