This nice 10' sailboat with an aluminum rudder, swing keel, main sail and jib has not been built for several decades, but they are robust and many of them are still in use. There are two mast step positions, for sailing with the jib or as a catboat. This one has the usual spider cracks in the gel coat around the gunwales, but the hull is solid as it was when new.

It served as our 2010 Christmas decorations and got many compliments!

The original boom was missing and the one pictured above was shortened since the picture was taken.

The photo below shows the boat with a sail from an El Torro sailboat and slotted boom. The Sprite has enough headroom for a couple of adults, but is also an ideal learner boat for youth. The sloop rigging is similar to that of larger boats.

I sold the Sprite with three sails and rigging for $700.
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