AMF Puffer 12.5

A Puffer hull
When I found a Craigslist ad for a bare hull, the owner was asking $100. SInce it was close by, I hitched up a trailer and took a look. The hull was very dirty, but solid inside and out. I offered $50 and the seller settled for $75, but it only cost me $65. I need to explain that.

On the way to see the boat, I stopped at a red light and a pickup truck hit the empty trailer. We both pulled over to check the damage. Fortunately, the pickup was fine and only a trailer light was knocked off, hanging by the wires. I had another at home, so offered to settle for $10. The money changed hands and we were on our way again.

After loading the hull, I asked the seller if he had some duct tape to fasten the light. He brought some tape, but I didn't need it after all. The light had only been knocked off the mounting bolts. I loosened the nuts, slid the light back on and tightened the nuts. Done!

The first photos show the boat as it appeared when I towed it home.

After a powerwashing, the Puffer looked pretty good and only needs paint. I am selling it as a rowboat (no rigging) for $100.