1970 Albacore 15

I bought this boat for $100 and decided to part it out rather than restore it. Here are photos of the boat right after I bought it.

The first Albacores were built 1955 in England of wood. The sail number shows that this boat was built in 1969 or 1970.

Although I could find no reference to Albacore spinnakers, this boat had been fitted with one. I sold the mainsail, spinnaker and traveler for $200.

After using parts to repair other boats, I scrapped the hull, but not before a church borrowed it for a children's program!.

The following pictures were borrowed from the Albacore website.

Here are the sail measurements for those interested:
Mainsail Luff 17' (204")
Mainsail Leech 19' 9" (237")
Mainsail Foot 8' 11" (107")
Jib Luff 12' 11" (155")
Jib Leech 11' 6" (138")
Jib Foot 5' 10" (69")
Spinnacker (not original) 14' x 14' x 11' 3"