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People ask me why we retired in New Jersey, where taxes are highest in the nation. I tell them that we may be retired foreign missionaries, but we are still missionaries. Missionaries go where people have needs and New Jersey has plenty!

As missionaries for 38 years, we became accustomed to living on a shoestring. Because we chose to retire in New Jersey, Social Security payments are insufficient and we had to look for a second shoestring to pay our bills.

Boat owners define a boat as "a hole in the water that you throw money into." Since I enjoy working on small sailboats, I decided to get in the hole and catch some of that money.

Presently, our yard contains a canoe and 5 sailboats but I am trying to get rid of most of them. Most of the 30+ boats that I have restored and sold since 2002 were donated.

If you have a small boat or trailer to donate or sell cheap, or if you are about to "throw money in the hole", I may be able to help you. I am willing to negotiate trades, so let me know if there is something you have or want to trade.

I like cars too, but my dear wife is relieved that I didn't choose to work on cars. I did enough of that back in the 50s and 60s. Check the T.R.O.G. vintage beach races in Wildwood, NJ.

There is a lot of stuff on this site. There is stuff to read, stuff to see, stuff to buy, stuff to sell, and occasionally stuff for free! My YouTube videos and PowerPoint presentations are on the Links page.

If you want to sell a car or boat and you live in the Delaware Valley, I will post it for you free. I can include photos and your phone number for people to contact.

Boats for Sale:
Mistral 12

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Some have asked what happened to my blog. Many older blogs are still posted, but I presently need the time for other writing projects so they have become rare.

Click here to see our Christmas sailboat. Read to the end!

Updated August 29, 2023