Did you know that sailboats are powered by renewable energy? Most people know that the wind provides propulsion, but the water also provides energy. That is why a sailboat can sail against the wind! Many sailboats have solar cells to charge batteries which operate lights, instruments, radios and even an electric motor if the wind dies. It is a well-known fact, that most recreational sailboats stay in their berths when the sun isn't shining.

Repairing, restoring and sailing small sailboats is my hobby, but my passion is missions. My wife and I served nearly four decades as missionaries in Europe and although we are old and retired, we are still passionate about serving God in any way we can. We serve in churches, camps and other places; we raise puppies for The Seeing Eye in Morristown and seek other ways to help people in need, whether it be physical, material or spiritual.

There are many parallels between sailing and the Christian life. I often ask people, "What is a boat built for?" They usually reply, "For the water." Although I have seen some boats that were converted into children's sandboxes or flower beds, a boat without water is of little use. The conclusion is understandable, but it is false. A boat or ship is built to sail ON water but not built FOR the water.

In Christ's prayer for his disciples recorded in John 17, he mentions the "world" 20 times. He reminds us that we are in the world for a purpose, but not "for" or "of" the world.

Modern boats are built primarily of materials that are heavier than water but if there are no leaks, the air keeps them afloat. Christians have the Holy Spirit who keeps them from sinking and helps them travel against the current and prevailing winds of life.

Even the best built boat is of little use if it has no captain. Many people reject God's message to mankind. Instead of following the "Captain's" directions, they allow themselves to be tossed and driven by whatever is easy and popular until they shipwreck.

If this is you, I invite you to give your life - or whatever is left of it - to Jesus. He forgives and gives new life - renewable energy if you will!

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