• I like to read my Kindle sitting in a recliner or beach chair, but the Kindle Reader (and probably others) is difficult to hold in that position. There are holders for reading at a table and covers to put them in, but why not a flat, adjustable angle folding handle that simply clips onto the Kindle. Another helpful feature would be a built-in trigger that allows you to turn pages with the thumb or forefinger. (See my crude holder here)

  • One of my tires is out of balance, but I don't know which one. I wish they made little discs with sticky backs that I could stick on the wheels. After several miles of travel, they would tell me if the wheel needs balancing.

  • I would like a video editing program that can aid in editing captured film from a movie projector. I can make a video of an 8mm film right off the screen, but there are many dark frames in it. There should be a way to automatically cut out the dark frames to eliminate flickering and make the video smoother.

  • Couldn't someone invent a USB drive that you can load Power Point onto and run with a video projector without fiddling around with a laptop that doesn't recognize the projector and embarrasses you in front of the audience? It would only need a remote to operate.

  • Manufacturers should use special tape to seal boxes so customers can see at a glance if the package has been opened. A refurbished item could have another special tape. A box taped with normal cellophane tape can be easily opened and re-sealed.

  • Why don't manufacturers of kitchen cabinets make them with built in compartments for storing all those small appliances that clutter counter tops? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just press a button and the toaster, mixer, blender, coffee maker or other appliance would either appear or disappear?