About New Jersey

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I have become somewhat of a political activist since retiring in New Jersey.

We purchased our little 3-bedroom rancher in 2003 and discovered that the property taxes anywhere else in America would have been considerably less. Although our house is worth less today due to the national mortgage crises, property taxes have doubled.

During the Industrial Revolution, New Jersey led the way, becoming a manufacturing powerhouse. Our cities were models for the development of industrial centers across the nation. Camden, Paterson and Trenton ("Trenton Makes - the World Takes") were dynamic manufacturing centers.

On the other hand, New Jersey could proudly display its motto, "The Garden State." Agriculture was thriving. Dairy, fruit and vegetable farms covered half of the state.

Today, under the shadow of government expansion, high taxes, and suffocating regulations, New Jersey is losing its competitive advantage And agriculture has suffered so much that it was decided to look for a new state motto.

New Jersey ranks near the bottom among the 50 states when it comes to the growth rates of private sector jobs, but it has the highest property taxes and one of the highest sales taxes in the country. New Jersey government spending is growing much faster than its economy. The high taxes are driving people out of the state and even more would leave if they could only sell their homes.