Hydraulic wheelchair lift for handicapped person

This lift was custom engineered and built for a handicapped person to enable him to get out of the house and into the car. He could not master steps and an expensive solution was out of the question, so the matter was given to a gifted engineer to solve. He bought a hydraulic motorcycle lift with 1,000 lb capability for $400 and welded a wider platform, hinged guards and sturdy handrails to it. The foot pedal for pumping the hydraulic cylinder was extended and other changes made after which the lift was repainted. A ramp of exterior grade plywood is included The lift was only used a couple of times and is in perfect condition. It is located in Vineland and can be inspected personally. The lift can be raised 27 inches if needed. Click on the thumbnail images below for larger pictures.

Selling for $400

If interested call 856-694-5684 or write harveyralph@gmail.com