I have two electric trolling motors for sale, 28 and 44 pounds thrust.

This 44 lb thrust Minn Kota motor has 5 forward speeds and reverse and would push a 15-20 ft. boat just fine. Only used a couple of hours. I am selling it for $175


I am selling a Sears 28 lb. thrust (1 1/2 HP) 5-speed electric trolling motor for $100

I got this vintage Minn Kota with a sailboat. It has only 10 lb. thrust and a simple "Off/on" switch must be very rare. I could find no mention of such a motor on the internet.

After posting this motor on my website, I was contacted by a fisherman in the Philippines. I regularly get email from all over the world, but a special friendship developed between this man and myself. He wrote that he had become crippled and can no longer handle a boat. He could fish from shore but the bigger fish are farther out. He constructed a small radio-controlled boat and invented a special remote-controlled fishing rod but couldn't find a motor small enough to fit his 4-foot long boat. After searching the Internet, he found my website and thought the motor I had would work for his project. He offered to pay for the motor plus shipping to the Philippines! I offered to give him the motor if he just paid for shipping.

He was elated and we became email friends. The boat and motor worked as planned and he was happy, but after several weeks, the news media reported on the Tsunami that struck the Philippines, killing thousands. I have heard nothing since.


SOLD for $50

This little 2-cylinder outboard had not been run for years, but it turned freely and had compression. A CD with repair manuals for Evinrude outboards built between 1936 and 1961 went with the motor.

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SOLD for $50

My brother gave me this little motor that was as old as I am. The fuel tank was battered and the engine frozen, but it would make a great wall decoration for The Cracker Barrel Restaurant! 

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SOLD for $500

This motor was used on a sailboat less than ten hours and well cared for.

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SOLD for $200

Eska 5HP outboard with fuel tank and a new recoil mechanism!

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Many years ago, we lived by a lake and I thought that a defective outboard could make a neat mailbox. I removed the motor from its casing and cut the bottom out of the gas tank. The gas lever was fastened to the tank for a handle and the tank hinged at the rear. The tiller handle tilted up, so I put a red rubber grip from a bicycle on it to use for a flag. The box was made weather-tight with rubber gasket material from the trunk of a junk car. Finally, our mailbox was painted and lettered with the family name.

Our mailbox got many accolades and was even pictured in a national magazine, but someone stole it!