The A-1 has been a long-time favorite of professional photographers, enduring the roughest possible treatment under all climatic conditions. My camera has had an easy life and it is in excellent condition. The rubber sunshade which fits over the eyepiece is missing, but this can be found on eBay or in camera shops if you really want it. I never missed it because it gets in the way of my glasses. There is one slightly worn spot (circled in the 3rd photo) where it chafed on my camera bag, but the camera is otherwise perfect. All items are genuine Canon products.

(click on thumbprint photos below to enlarge them; then press "return" to close picture)

Every photographer is interested in good quality lenses and this outfit has it all. All lenses are original Canon products.

To start with, there is a standard 50mm which can be seen mounted on the camera above. There is also a 50mm macro lens in perfect condition which produces extra sharp close-ups. I used this lens together with the bellows for duplicating slides and making regular color or black and white images from slides.

The 80-200mm zoom lens is also in pristine condition and delivers excellent photos.

The winder is like new with no corrosion in the battery compartment

Here is the bellows and duplication attachment which I have been mentioning. If you have ever worked with one of these, you know it is a treasure to own!

Finally. there are filters, a cable release and other items. I even include an extra A-1 body for spare parts. It fell off the top of a car at 60 mph and got banged up, but kept working for years until the owner bought another and sold me this one for parts. Look at the battle scars and you will begin to realize what a tough camera this is!

All this for $500