I had heard that the ex-Mayor of Newfield, NJ, Everett Marshall, has a large collection of Matchbox cars, but for ten years it just stayed on my bucket list along with many other things that I hope to see and do.

We recently had a young visitor from Austria who asked what "bucket list" meant. I explained that "kicking the bucket" is a slang term for dying, so anything on your bucket list is what you hope to do before you die." I have since discovered that many Americans don't know where that term originated!

Getting back to the museum, someone told me that the Matchbox Road Museum was having an open house on Saturday, August 16, 2014. We decided to drive the three miles to check it out. There was no open house per se, but the museum doors were open because the Matchbox Club was conducting its meeting. Mr. Marshall invited us in to look around.

WOW! Now it's your turn. Don't put a visit to the museum on your bucket list! Call and make an appointment to see it personally!

Club member cars

Matchbox Road Museum
17 Pearl St, Newfield, NJ 08344
(856) 697-6900