A close friend of mine got a John Deere tractor from his Father-in-Law back in the late 60s and used it for his garden work until 2012. After buying a Kubota he asked me to sell his old tractor on eBay. I did some research and told him that his was a very rare and valuable 430-V. Being one of the last 2-cylinder "Johnny Poppers" and the rarest of all Dubuque models with a production of only 63 units (See the chart at the bottom of this page), This one owner tractor brought a good price and was still a bargain. The last 430-V offered at public auction sold in 2011 for $38,000 unrestored (next 2 photos from Polk Auction webpage).

My friend's tractor pictured below has found a new home in a Pennsylvania tractor museum.
You can watch it in action on YouTube.

Except for a small crack in the front strut, the tractor was in excellent condition.

The tractor had power take off and cultivators. The five-speed transmission was an extra.
It was sold to a museum near Lancaster, PA
Download a collection of data about the 430-V in Word format here.