For about seven years, we made do with just one vehicle, a Roadmaster wagon. Because we wanted to keep it for a long time, we decided in April, 2009 to get a second car for our daily driver. We were actually looking for a Buick Century, but happened on this nice low-mileage Honda for only $1,200. It had a 4-cylinder engine and not the V-6 that I was looking for, but I bought it.

After a year of trouble-free service, the Honda developed a valve tap. I removed the valve cover to adjust the tappets and found that the threads were stripped on one of the valves. I really wanted a V6 engine, so I offered the Honda on Craigslist "as is" for what we paid a year earlier. Within an hour, we got over 20 calls for the car! When we awoke at 6:00 the next morning, a man was parked in our driveway with cash in his hand! I began looking for a nice V-6 Buick Century, but again, I bought a different car.