You can download two PowerPoint presentations that I made for the 25-Year Celebration of Creamer's voyage:
Marvin Creamer's Bio (3MB)
Marvin Creamer's Historic Globestar Voyage (14MB)

YouTube interview with Creamer uploaded by the Atria Senior Living Home where he is staying.
(Marvin Creamer turns 104 on January 24, 2020!)

We congratulate Marvin Creamer on his second historic accomplishment. He reached the magical age of 100 on January 24, 2016 and is living proof that salt is a good preservative!

Creamer is the only person in history who sailed around the world without the use of navigational tools. No sextant, no compass, not even a watch! He did permit an hourglass to measure watches, however.

Learn more about Professor Creamer and read about his historical voyage and accomplishments by clicking the links below:

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