Advanced digital technology in photography has caused many people to assume that slide photography is ripe for the museum.

It actually is! Many art museums and galleries that display photographic images, insist on pictures taken with "old-fashioned" slide film. The Philadelphia Museum of Art recently posted the following statement on its website:

"Cultural changes, new technologies, and the rise of conceptual art compelled many artists to revise or reject these conventions. Gerhard Richter, for example, manipulated seemingly ordinary snapshots to expose the fictional nature of even the most convincing photographic scenes." - Philadelphia Museum of Art, 9/2015

Because slide photography makes the best use of light and can not be easily manipulated, many galleries and artists use this format to display photography and for shows. Unfortunately, slide projectors are no longer being manufactured and high quality projectors are becoming increasingly difficult to find. I recently sold two Ektapro projectors for $750 each plus FED-X air freight to a museum in Jerusalem, but I still have six projectors and all the hi-tech equipment and software needed for producing professional multimedia shows. 

These professional German-made Kodak Ektapro projectors are the top of the line projectors in excellent condition. They cost over $1,500 new without the lenses and cases. Two are 7020 Models, two 9010 and two 9020 models. All are programmable computerized slide projectors in excellent  condition! Each has an extra bright dual 300-watt lamp module with auto-switching in event of a burnout. These projectors have seen very little usage and I have only replaced one of the original lamps. 

2-projector set for $1,500

You get a hand-held remote and a receiver, dissolve shows with two projectors are easy for the novice to set up and control. The show can run automatically with the timer function or manually using the remote.

4-projector package for $3,000

The greater bargain is the 4-projector set with four Ektapro projectors and Ektapro 100-200mm zoom lenses. You also get a matching pair of projector stands, a custom built Dell desktop PC and monitor, with Windows 7 and Wings for Windows Software installed (manuals and CDs included). I will also include a Sony CD-player with fiber optic out and all cables.

  Two 7020 models

9020 and 9010 models with timer function and auto focus

Projectors have matching Ektapro 100-200mm zoom lenses.

The SD 404 is the heart and soul of dissolve control.

Projectors and other components are in robust cases for safe transport.

Instruction manuals are included. Ektapro projectors are very robust and these have never given me any problems, but in event of a malfunction, the Kodak Ektapro shop manual on CD is included. 


With the included computer and program, "Wings for Windows," the producer can create fantastic multimedia shows. Include all kinds of fades, blend in titles, add special optical effects, set dissolve style, stand times & brightness for each individual slide. With the fantastic audio program, you can copy CDs, record, edit, mix, insert sound effects, stereo background music and voice comments - all with the same program (cost over $3000!).  During the production stages you don't need the projectors. You see pictures (digitalized) and hear the audio on the computer.

After making certain that the sound is exactly synced to the pictures, connect the PC to the SD-404 and the DS-404 to the projectors with serial cables. Do a test run on the big screen and after everything is perfect, burn the entire show onto a CD. The CD recording includes the stereo sound tracks which the audience hears plus embedded signals which drive the computerized projectors. The Sony CD-Player is connected to the Stumpfl SD-404 with a fiber-optic cable. The computer is no longer needed to run the show.

The show progresses fully automatically and if desired, you can comment live using a microphone and the mixer. Even if you use more than 320 slides (4x80) in a show, there is no need to stop the show to change magazines.

Sony single CD player and fiber optic cable (PA system not included)

The Ektapros also accept 140-slide trays, but I don't recommend using them. I always use glass protected slides and the 80-slide trays. With this set-up, there is no need for auto-focus and I never had a hung slide.

The well-known Austrian Stumpfl Technology firm developed the hardware and software, which is used in theme parks and theatres around the world. I have visited theatres and theme parks here in America that used as many as 36 Ektapro projectors in their productions!

I created a show in German depicting that which is unique to America and showed it in Austria using this set up. I also used a video projector to show video clips in certain places. Use your own creativity to produce amazing shows! I will be happy to demonstrate the setup for anyone interested. I will also give the buyer free instructions on setting up and running shows. A professional outfit like this is rarely offered in North America, and it is hardly broken in! A dozen Ektapro magazines are included (the projectors also accept US Kodak trays, but the German trays have transparent dust covers).

4-projector package for $3,000

Four Ektapro projectors
Hand-held dissolve module for 2 projectors
Stumpfl SD-404 control unit for 4 projectors
A Sony single CD-Player with fiber optic output
A small mixer for regulating sound and mikes
2 Chief double projector stands for a total of 4 projectors
Dell desktop multimedia PC & monitor, 1 TB hard disk, Windows 7
Wings for Windows software installed with manuals and disks
12 Ektapro 80-slide magazines
1500 glass slide frames (new, unused)

EKTAPRO 7020, 9010 and 9020 Projectors share the following features:

Lamp module with 82V, 300W EXR lamp (approx 35 hrs)
Lamp module for auto-switching lamps at burnout (extra lamps included)
Easy access to lamp module for quick lamp changes
Two-position lamp operation (LO, HI for 30% brighter)
Lamp failure indicator light
Accepts 2 x 2 inch slides in standard Kodak 80 and 140 circular slide trays
Precise horizontal and vertical slide registration
Gentle gravity feed of slides
Forward and reverse at control panel and with remote control
Manual focus at control panel and with remote control
Dependable, rugged design, metal housing (26 lbs)
Standby switch ('sleep' mode)
Random slide access via remote control or computer
Zero position indicator
RS-232 serial connector for computer communication
Control projector operation via P-Com language
Accepts both rack-mount and spiral lenses
Safety thermal cut-off fuses prevents overheating
Dark screen shutter eliminates light on screen when no slide is inserted
Spiral turn elevating foot (up to 10 degrees elevation)
Ektapro 80 covered slide trays
Instruction manual
Voltage: 120, 220, 230 and 240 volts (user selectable); 50/60Hz auto-sensing
Detached power cord with plug for country of use. (IEC 320 power inlet)
Expansion board slot for external controllers
UL/CSA and T ÜV approvals
Dimensions: Approximately 13.6 x 13.4 x 5.6 in. without slide tray.
Weight: Approximately 26 lbs.

The EKTAPRO 9020 and 9010 Projectors have Autofocus (useful with slides of different thickness) and Timer function (useful in non-programmed shows)

Lifetime of Ektapro Projectors:
Lifetime is measured as the moment a major defect occurs and the projector has to be sent for service. Kodak Ektapro projectors average lifetime has been constantly improved. Starting with 450,000 cycles at launch in 1992, the newer 7020 and 9020 projectors must withstand a test of 10 million slide changes before first major defects occur. Ten million slide changes is 125,000 full 80 slide trays. When stacked, they would be about 5 miles high!

Here is what I packed in my car for the Austrian tour! I still have 10'x10' and 10'x7' Stumpfl quick-setup projection screens which I would consider selling but these are not included in the asking price.

I have had people tell me that slide projectors are no longer sellable. "The digital age has made them obsolete," they say. Well I have news for these doubters. In September of 2016 I sold two Ektapro projectors for $750 each to a museum in Jerusalem. Add the cost of air freight to that sum! Since the dawn of photography, there have been contests for photographers and not just for photos. With digital photography it is easy to edit photos extensively, but many photographers still want to be judged for their photographic ability and not just for their editing expertise. Photographer contests therefore require entries to be on slide film, which cannot be easily altered. Projectors are no longer manufactured, so top-of-the-line projectors are still in demand.