Cincinatti - Kentucky

The recently opened Creation Museum in Kentucky near Cincinnati Airport is well worth a visit. We saw this museum on October 13, 2009 and were very impressed with the exhibits and shows. We saw two planetarium shows and two theatre productions during our visit. The Stargazer's Planetarium is a marvel of digital technology and more versatile than the domed style we have seen in other places. One of the theatres is a "Special Effects Theatre" in which you actually feel what you see and hear. We were pleasantly surprised by the expansive botanical garden with many exotic plants, trees and flowers, nicely framed by a small lake, fed from babbling brooks and waterfalls. Several bridges, including a swinging bridge, a pontoon bridge and an oriental style bridge add atmosphere to the garden stroll. Reasonably priced meals and snacks are available in Noah's Cafe', Palm Cafe' and the Lakeside Grill. For those who are really frugal (we saw a number of large Mennonite families among the visitors), there is also a picnic pavilion. For small children, the petting zoo and ice cream shop are popular outdoors and there is plenty for them to do and see inside. Perhaps the following photos will induce you to consider a trip to Cincinnatti. You need an extra day, however, to see the more recently built "Ark of Noah."

An impressive section is devoted to dinosauers

A relaxing stroll through the Garden of Eden

Questions: How many animals did Adam name? How many were in Noah's ark?

Exhibits were well-documented and educational

Old door and locks illustrate sinful world

Congratulations to Ken Hamm and his team on this wonderful "creation"