We owned a 1991 Buick Century a decade ago (below left) and really liked it, so I was looking for another Century to use as our daily driver. I found and purchased a '91 Honda in 2009.

A year later, I sold the Honda and bought an '82 Buick Skylark. The Skylark was too nice to drive in winter, however, so I sold it after 7 months and went looking for a Buick Century - again!

I bought a 1994 Buick Century (below right) from the son of the original owner with only 111,000 miles on it. The owner was asking $1800, but because the car was never garaged, the clear coat was wearing off. I got the car for $1200.

After driving the Century 5,000 miles through the winter, I found a 1995 Buick Century with only 72,000 miles on it, so I sold the '94 and bought the '95.

1995 Buick Century

There are stainless wind deflectors over the windows

The Buick emblem on the grille is from a Regal and can be easily removed, but I liked it.

This car had the attractive sport rims...

...and an impeccable burgundy velor interior!

I bought rubber floor mats for the car, but the original mats were like new!

We put about 15,000 miles on it in 16 months and it served us faithfully without a complaint. In early August, 2013, the car was running, driving, shifting, braking and looking great, but it was time for a routine service. It needed struts and alignment. The ABS warning light stayed on and the AC quit cooling.

I sold the car for $1,200 "as is" and bought a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis for $1,400.